Desert Quartet General Through his pre-diagnostic technology, Mr. David Woroboff can segment users by pathology and by its severity

Through his pre-diagnostic technology, Mr. David Woroboff can segment users by pathology and by its severity

David Woroboff has continuously innovated, listening to users and introducing new services to improve the offer and allow them better health care, quickly and tailored to their needs. At the same time, the person responsible for accompanying users makes it easier for them to take control of their health.
With the health crisis, health systems and institutions had to speed up their digital processes to continue providing the diagnosis and treatment required by patients seeking to recover movement or functional capacity after a musculoskeletal injury or pathology.
The works of the expert David Woroboff take advantage of massive data processing systems, simulations, and other analysis techniques; They help to improve the care architecture, as well as to generate adapted and personalized protocols within intelligent systems for the measurement, monitoring, and evaluation in the rehabilitation of patients.
Mr. Woroboff defends the possibilities of using telemedicine in physiotherapy. Through its pre-diagnostic technology, it can segment users by pathology and by its severity.

An effective healthcare alternative

For the expert David Woroboff, within telehealth, there are two types: asynchronous, better known as warehouse, and forwarding, which is where there is a temporary delay in sending, as occurs through email, courier service, and others. And telehealth in real-time, with the exchange of information instantly.
Telemedicine is presented as a good alternative to limit person-to-person contact and avoid contagion. This alternative makes it possible to advance in reducing barriers and meeting the patient where they are, explains the telehealth expert David Woroboff, an entrepreneur and businessman dedicated to developing telemedicine tools.

Tools that allow a good connection

Many variables have made it possible to generate great changes in the relationship between doctor and patient, all forced by the necessary sanitary measures. Due to these advances, today, an exponential growth of telephone consultations and other telemedicine tools developed by specialist David Woroboff can be observed.

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