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Tips for effective Online Marketing Services

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Could your online sales use a boost? If you’re not seeing the returns you want, it could be worth brushing up on some expert advice. Why not look at 7 proven tips on online marketing services that will lift your numbers instantly?

• Improve your SEO: Take the time to learn more about Search Engine Optimisation, often referred to as “SEO”. It’s a great way to make sure Google takes note of your website and helps visitors find it in their search queries.

• Social media: Establishing an effective social media presence is just as critical for your business today as maintaining a strong website. You’ll boost awareness and gain customers’ trust by actively using it. Create accounts on multiple platforms to keep customers connected with what you offer. Doing so will provide an edge for your business.

• Incorporate video marketing: Now is the time to inject video into your content strategy, particularly on social media. Brief, exciting video snippets set to music are incredibly effective in promoting a product that has proven to be popular or intriguing. This can quickly capture people’s attention and compel them to take action.

• optimise your website for multiple devices: Have you ensured that your website works well on various devices? Your customers could be accessing it through several sources, and you must ensure they have a pleasant experience every time. Ensure that the site functions as expected on all devices your audience may use.

• Create a simple checkout: Ensure that your website visitors have an easy time navigating to the checkout page. Too many distractions can stop potential customers from purchasing.

• Offer free shipping: A vast majority of web shoppers require the option of free shipping when purchasing items. In fact, an overwhelming majority of online shoppers, 77%, prioritise having a free shipping option. Consequently, surprising shoppers with hidden charges at checkout could lead to a decrease in sales conversions.

• Get your business listed in free directories: With so many directories available, your business may already be listed on some without you even realising it. Ensuring that the information provided is consistent throughout all of them can give you a huge boost in terms of ranking with Google. To keep tabs on your directory listings, consider signing up to Yext – a service that makes managing them across different sites much easier.

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